MeThere are too many things going on all at once. I’m trying to launch my creative website, 10 ideas in 10 minutes, but i keep procrastinating. I have written down all the elements I want to roll out and capture, and have started writing the outline for a book. Ha. I’m still stuck on the logo, so don’t expect anything for a few weeks.

Then I’m also trying to launch a creative blog/wiki for work, which shall remain a secret until such time as I get clearance from HR.

I’m beta testing a few things: Flock, a new social browser that tries to integrate blogging, social bookmarking, and other things. I like the way I can drag a photo from Flickr right into my blog post. That’s pretty cool. But so far it doesn’t support my WordPress blogs because they don’t have an API yet. Unless…

Unless you are using the new free blogs. WordPress has started to roll out their own version of They will host your blog for you. I just received my invite to test this out as well. Great. More blogs. I was trying to ween myself off of a few, and now I’m back up to 6 or 7 and diluting my time again.

I spent about an hour drooling over Aperture, the new photo management application from Apple. The only problem is I need to buy a new computer to meet the minimum requirements. It’s tempting. But I’ll wait until the Intel Macs come out before I buy something. Except for…

Except for the new iPod with video support. Everyone I talk to seems to think there’s no content out there. I don’t know what they’re smoking because my harddrive is almost full of video crap. Rocketboom. Diggnation. rss channels. This Week in Tech. Systm. Command N. I’ll admit that most of them are a bit tech/geek oriented. But I’d love to watch them on the GO Train on my way to and from work. Plus I could carry them around like a little portable Tivo, and plug them into any TV. Sounds good in theory. I’d like to test it out. Plus I make my own movies. And a few commercials. And it would be fun to have them in my pocket.

Need to make more movies about the kids. Almost canned Madeleine and the Frog, which I’d like to submit to either PBS Kids, or perhaps even Al Gore’s Current TV. Baz needs a movie made of him gearing up for the Jolly Jumper or something just to make it fair.

I’ve signed up for NaNoWriMo, which means I have to write at least 50,000 words of a novel during the month of November. Jesus help me. I’m trying to think of titles, which I will then post as a 10 ideas in 10 minutes thing.

And that’s just the start of it. Did I mention I also have a full time job as an Associate Creative Director for an interactive ad agency? I like the little Ass. in front of my title. Nobody knows what Associate really means, but when you shorten it to ‘Ass’ people suddenly take notice: “Yeah, hi, I’m the Ass Creative Director.” A few puzzled looks and then people shake it off and figure they must have missheard me.

I also want to create a record for babies called the White Noise Album. More on that later.

Oh, and I’ve called my brother to ask him if I can manage his Art career, like Vincent and Theo, except without the cutting off the ear and going insane part. Mike (my brother) is a teacher, but he’s a fantastic artists and needs to get his work ‘out there’. How the hell I can help him remains to be seen.

I am reading approximately 7 books.

Did i mention the games I want to develop? One involved dominoes and plasticine. Another is a gameboard made of cubes that changes every turn. And then there’s the card game to take on Magik and Pokemon, made of robot parts.

I have a line of anti-bush merch I’m hocking. But I hate the print job Cafepress does on shirts, so I’m looking for a better vendor. Also want to branch out and make creative shirts under a line called Clientz™ with lines like, “Make the logo bigger” and “I [heart with a line thru it] whitespace.”

If only I could get by on a few less hours of sleep a night. I still need to work, eat, sleep, hang out with my wife, and play with my kids, fix things around the house, vaccuum, and watch bad movies.


At least i’m not bored.


Is it a Boy or a GURL?

Soon it will be commonplace for parents to do a quick domain name search before settling on a name for their children. If the name is not available, they may tweak the name slightly: William Smith suddenly becomes Willyum Smith because is available. More kids will be named after ‘nic’s, like jted72, or james007. More children will not use Capitols, even though their names are proper nouns. More kids will think names like Kal-el, Apple, or Pirate are ‘normal’. It will be very uncool not to have your own website, even in Kindergarten. The internetting of identity is well at hand.

Jted v2.0?

I am bored with myself. And I don’t get bored very often. As a matter of fact I think there is only one sin: to find yourself boring. I remember being in highschool and talking to my brother, who was 2 grades “below” me. He didn’t watch TV. He taught himself how to draw really well (through practising) and how to write really well (through practising every day) and I just sat and watched the evening sitcoms by myself. When something funny happened I would laugh and turn to share the moment with… nobody. My brother made it really hard for me to enjoy television at home.

So I made a point of watching my favourite shows socially. Twin Peaks, Kids in the Hall– these shows would be watched with my friends. And as I learned about who killed Laura Palmer (sort of…) and how to make people laugh by “crushing your head” between my thumb and index finger, my brother was becoming a bonefide artist.

I remember being angry about his fanaticism. It was anti-social! It was annoying! It didn’t benefit my social agenda! We couldn’t talk about empty pop culture, or what Homer had done to his family this time, or what Depeche Mode was up to. If the TV was on when Mike walked by, he would actually shield his face as if to protect his mind from some kind of rotting radiation. This always pissed me off, because I took it personally.

In one rare and unforgetable moment, the two of us were in the same room talking about ‘stuff’ without the television on. I mentioned how boring something had been to me when Michael made an absolute statement that I have never forgotten: “I don’t get bored.” Of course I laughed. “Yeah right,” I chided him. I was worried. What if it was true? He proceed to explain to me how and why it wasn’t a possibility. And the more I listened, the more angry I got. And the more angry I got the more I realized he was right. And of course that made me more angry.

Boredom is caused by one’s own lack of imagination. I considered myself to have a fantastic imagination, and the idea that I could shut it off and settle for the default bugged the hell out of me. I stubbornly made a vow to never be bored again. And I have to say, it has definately worked in my favour. I’ll write more about boredom later.

Fast-forward to today. My site is just like a million other blogs: it has links to interesting things I have found on the internet. These things were found at other blogs about interesting things other people found on the internet. There is nothing going on here that actually differentiates me. I am link churn. **yawn**

This, again, bothers me. It’s like my brother is sitting beside me on the couch, and I’m itching to watch the Simpsons, and he’s just writing another amazing song with a complicated picking pattern on his guitar. He’s been practicing. He’s been creating while i’ve been consuming. That’s another thought I’ll get to later: Creators vs. Consumers. But the point is, I need to practise writing. I like writing. I feel a need to communicate. But that means I need to have personality. That means I need to create. And not be boring or bored.

I can see your eyes are glazing over, so without being too self-conscious about it, I’m going to wrap up this post by saying: there’s more to come. And I’m going to make damn sure that it’s interesting to at least one person: me.

Bill “Uh” Gates

It’s way too easy to make fun of rich people. A 16 minute interview is edited down to, uh, about, uh, over 60 uhs. I can’t get enough of this sh*t!

Bad Bush: Nephew of George W. Bush Arrested

John Ellis BushSome guy gets drunk, acts up in public, and is arrested. Oh, and he just happens to be the nephew of the most powerful and self-righteous man on earth. (When I say most powerful, imagine that said with strong sarcastic overtones…) When you are priviledged and as oil-rich as the Bushes, I guess the public deserves to know that even power and wealth and fame can’t fix disfunction. Cheers.

Smoking Might Be Good For You (Except for the Cancer Part)

“Nicotinic receptors affect almost every human function, including movement, breathing and even mood, which means the potential treatments from a drug that alters the receptor could range widely from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s to depression and schizophrenia.”

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Outside in Toronto

Outside in Toronto

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I made it outside during the day!