Bacn Bits

UPDATE: Join the Bacn vs Spam facebook group and bring home your thoughts on bacn.

Bacn vs Spam

Bacn (pronounced bacon) is the term given to electronic messages which have been subscribed to and are therefore not unsolicited but are often unread by the recipient for a long period of time. Bacn is email you want but not right now. They differ from Spam (electronic) messages, in that they are not unsolicited and are not necessarily sent in bulk. Bacn messages can be thought of being more useful than spam messages.

No it’s not a typo, but it is a four-letter word. I wasn’t going to post about this, but a few things have changed my mind.

First: I found this great old picture of Pork Cuts at and just couldn’t resist modifying it.

Second: I’ve noticed a massive increase in the amount of mail I receive from all the social communities I’ve joined: Pownce, Twitter, Jaiku, Mashable, GetSatisfaction, Flickr, Facebook, even MySpace sometimes. It’s mail I want to read, just not right now. Arguably, it deserves its own term. I usually end up archiving this mail, then going to the ‘offending yet not-offending’ site and blazing through a bunch of notices and requests, then returning to whatever I was doing. Now I’m going to create a new tag/folder called bacn and flow all of these extraneous message into it.

Third: I’m always interested in the latest memes. Even meme’s I can’t stand. I tried to resist the word awesome in the 80s when all my friends started using it, but eventually caved on that one too. Still, it’s fun to see how fast and far these catchwords spread. In just a few days (6 as of this post) bacn has gone from a mention at PodCamp Pittsurgh on August 18th, 2007 to being featured by major news organizations. It is out of control in my feed-reading circles: wikipedia (being considered for deletion, so I’m not the only one questioning this term), boingboing, wired, the uk telegraph, the washington post, metafilter, and buzzfeed.

Bacn has it’s own bacn: official site, official shirt, twitter feed, and official video. Thanks to me it now has it’s own useless Facebook group as well (Bacn vs Spam)

TiNB (there is no box) marketing would suggest that coining the right new word can generate a LOT of attention, especially if it describes something geeks can identify with. Why geeks? Because they are prone to mass distribution: blogs, microblogs, social networks, and mobile messages. Which terms have you coined lately?