Baz Takes The Cake

Dayna, over at Flickerbug, just posted a hilarious video of our son sneaking chocolate icing off of a fresh cake. He couldn’t quite reach it, so he came up with his own clever way to get his fix. I know these are my own kids, but damn if I don’t laugh every time I watch it.


Poor Waifs: Sponsor These Children Today

We’re in the throws of an extensive kitchen renovation, which my Dad his helping out with. Well, actually my Dad is pretty much doing the whole thing. And we’re paying him, so don’t get your knickers in a knot. A few days ago he sent me an email entitled, “Poor Waifs: Sponsor These Children Today”. I thought perhaps he had actually sponsored a family for New Years, and was letting me know how I could help out. Or more likely, this was spam. I checked the file, and immediately burst out laughing. Dad (also known as Bappa to the kids) had taken a hilarious picture of Mad and Baz, comforting each other, Mad sheltering him from the harsh realities of renovating during the holidays. I felt compelled to create a spoof sponsorship poster to use as wallpaper on my computer, and, after the laughter died down, I felt a bit guilty. If anyone wishes to find out more about helping real children in need, you can at Unicef’s official website (not Unecif’s). If anyone is insane and would rather help us with our renovations, they can make a donation to the Baz Maddy Fund here.