Cheesy Japanese Tea Cup Worth Pondering

World's Greatest Dad Mug at CafepressI went for sushi with the family on Friday. Our tea cups were dotted with scores of Japanese characters, and the subsequent English translation.

At first I thought it was really tacky, but after a few reads I realized that if I were to follow this advice my life would improve considerably.

As a matter of fact, I was already trying to transition myself into the more category.


Less Alcohol, More Tea
Less Meat, More Vegetables
Less Salt, More Vinegar
Less Sugar, More Fruit
Less Eating, More Chewing
Less Words, More Action
Less Greed, More Giving
Less Worry, More Sleep
Less Driving, More Walking
Less Anger, More Laughter

But I still have to ask: is this the Japanese equivilent to a coffee cup with the slogan World’s Greatest Dad!?