iPhone Demographics and Six Degrees of Separation from the Source

iPhone Demographics

I subscribe to Drew’s Marketing Minute with Google Reader. He posted this nice graphic showing pre-launch demographic research on the iPhone from Solutions Research Group.

I like to find the source of an image or an article, but I also like to give credit to someone that points me in the right direction. It’s just good blogging ettiquite. But when does all of this mutual back-scratching and kudos-giving go too far? Many years ago my friend Scott said he hated blogs because they polluted the internet with search results that just linked to each other, and made it more difficult to find the source of anything. I think he missed the point of blogging, but I also think he had a point of his own. Now when I’m looking for the source I often see how far I have to go to find it. In this case, it felt a bit ridiculous. Watch:

iPhone Buyers Analysis at
There is no box
via Drew’s Marketing Minute
via Trendsspotting
via Design Sojourn
via Darla Mack
via Cellular-News
which mentioned Solutions Research Group, but neglected to provide a link and I still had to Google it to find the original.

Amazing! Six degrees of separation from the source to read about their little study.