IDEA 0001 – Drive Thru Drive By

Photograph (ambush) drive-thru employees as you’re picking up your coffee/fast food. Keep track of the date and time you took the picture, and what you ordered. Place all this information underneath the photo. Include the name of the employee if you can make out the tag.

ALTERNATE: Stake out a drive thru of your choice and take photographs of every person that orders within a specified time limit (eg. 1 hour). Create themes or chapters around different places: McDonalds, Tim Horton’s, Wendy’s, TD Bank, etc. Place black bars over the eyes of your subjects because I doubt you obtained model release forms.

Quote TINB-0001 and link back to this post if you choose to pursue this assignment.


New Blog on the Horizon

I usually need about 30 days to get un-infatuated with an idea.

I get them when I’m bouncing my son to sleep on the Yoga ball, or when I’m driving in the car, or pretty much whenever I don’t have a pen or am incapable of writing. And the idea zooms idealistically into the future, expanding and multiplying until i’m either rich or famous or both. I’ll think about the idea for weeks, imagining every possible possibility.

And I’ll constantly want to work on the idea. I’ll jot down thoughts and ideas that relate to it. I’ll make diagrams and notes. I’ll do some research, or perhaps design a logo or buy a few domain names. But slowly over time the idea fades. The infatuation wanes. The sheen wares. The gilding peels. The copper greens. And I move on to the next idea. Call me an Ideas Man.

I’ve always wanted to DO something with this constant churn of creativity. There is something depressing in holding onto a creative thought and letting it slowly die or come out of favour. And then I realized something: why not release them into the wild? Why not build a blog that allows me to post ideas, and invites people to participate? What could come of it? What if the entire focus of the blog is to free my ideas and talk about more idea generation? I could kill every bird with one stone. It could be my own holy grail.

I’m just waiting that month. If I still like the idea, you’ll see it soon: a blog about IDEAS: how to get them, how to shape them, how to test them, kill them, feed them, work them, use them, alter them, steal them, and NEVER BE BORED AGAIN FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Stay tuned. 😉