Blogs on Blogs

jted squareI was in the process of dumping this blog and starting another. Or I should say I was going to split the personal from the professional, and try to build some street cred by focusing on a specific topic and sticking to it. Don’t ask me how that’s been working out…

As an interactive Creative Director for a global ad agency, I talk to many clients about the web. You may be surprised at how many times I hear brand managers at huge companies say things like, “I wanted to comment on this blog I came across that was talking about our services,” or “I stumbled on a Facebook group centred around my product…” The story always ends like this: “I didn’t know what to do!” And it’s not just corporate giants that have this problem. I know a hungry illustrator and a fantastic bluegrass band that have the same questions.

There is a need to fill this gap with some best practices on niche building. It’s not quite blogging, it’s more consumer facing than PR, it’s not advertising, it’s not exactly marketing, it’s more delicate than Social Media Optimization… It may just be all of the above mashed together at various strengths to meet the needs of a particular focus.

Content on Content is about this five-layer dip of various disciplines vying for the attention of an engaged audience. It is also a self-aware experiment as I attempt to build my own friendly niche around the idea of niche-building itself. So this could get a bit meta.

Well, I’m going to uncomplicated things and just do that here, at There Is No Box. You see, I already have 21 blog names eked out on I own 16 or 17 URLs that I had plans for at one time or another… But for me it’s about having an idea and then jumping on it, and seeing where it goes. Usually the first step is to protect the idea, and for me that means buying the URL before someone else does. It’s a small investment. Nine times out of ten I own the URL for a year and then give it up if the idea doesn’t evolve further. But some have stuck. Like, which is why I’ve decided to keep using this as homebase.