The Official Rules

Here is a simple process called 10 Ideas in 10 Minutes™, or 10 in 10™ for short. It is a simple creative approach to creativity problem solving. Try it right now!

      • Get out your stopwatch (it’s a selling feature on almost every new phone), or set the timer on the microwave, or look at the analog second hand on your watch, or dust off that old box of Boggle sitting in the basement and steal the hourglass egg timer, but figure out a way to mark the passage of time. Count if you have to, or mark the length of your shadow (only works outside during the day).
      • Prepare 1 question or creative problem you would like to solve or brainstorm on.
      • Write down 1 idea every minute.
      • Repeat as needed.

        It’s that simple. Don’t lag. Don’t hesitate (or you’ll be lost don’t forget). Don’t self-edit. Partners or groups are okay with me if they’re okay with you. Go back and take your time exploding the ideas that resonate. Caution: rules may change at any time.