Actionable Happiness & Productivity: My 2007 New Year’s Resolution(s)

This year I intend to take “Happy New Year” literally. I wish this to be my happiest year on record. This isn’t a vague promise and I have specific actionable steps to achieve it. Self analysis has shown that I am happiest when I am creating “Wonderful Objects”. I also stay uplifted when I stick to a healthy routine. For this reason I have created Mundane LifeFocus™ Cards, using the patent-pending method of Routinizational-Imprinting™.

Cards are printed in accordion batches of 7, so that an entire week can be folded and placed in a wallet or Moleskine™. In my time-off during the X-mas season I wrote down a few things I wanted to habitualize. They fell into three basic categories: hygene, health, and fitness. I am no longer in my twenties, so I need to take care of myself better. This should give me more energy to create wonderful objects. Amount of sleep is recorded as well.

I will track my enjoyment of the new year with the Happinessness™ rating: 1=Wost Day Ever, 2=Bad Day, 3=Mundane Day, 4=Good Day, 5=Best Day Ever. Hopefully 2007 will net out in the 4.something range.

Here is a sample of today’s card:
Mundane LifeFocus™ Card 070101

I have included my blogging Editorial Calendar, an idea borrowed from Andy Wibbels, to keep me focused. I can write down ideas as they come to me. I have a few other things I want to remember to do weekly, like spending time with Dayna, cataloging my Moleskine™ notes, and researching investment possibilities.

I will by tracking my progress with the Mundane LifeFocus™ Card System throughout the happy new year.

UPDATE 1: Special thanks to neatorama for linking to this post. The Mundane LifeFocus™ Cards project will be an ongoing experiment and discussion on this blog will continue. As I mentioned on planet pooks, I will make it available as an editable PDF soon, and probably add an excel doc for recording and presenting the statistics over time (because I’m a bit crazy about numbers). The part that needs more explanation (and is also coming) is implementation, maintenance, and of course, how to come up with the right things to put on your list…

UPDATE 2: A new section has been added to this site to work on the Mundane LifeFocus™ Card System, including explanations of use and downloadable pdfs. Go check it out, and please make comments or suggestions.