About Me

Jason Theodor bridgeMy name is Jason Theodor.
I am a Creative Director at Critical Mass in Toronto, and former digital Creative Consultant.

I provide creative digital solutions to business objectives that integrate with current marketing strategies.

Simply put, I’m an ideas guy: I can help you come up with online ideas that makes sense, that fit with your goals and objectives, and that take your current branding into account.

I consult and brainstorm for global ad agencies, blue-chip clients, artists, and start-ups.

In a past life I was the Interactive Creative Director for a global integrated advertising agency, responsible for the online branding initiatives of Yahoo!, Research in Motion, IBM, Amex, Cogeco, Cisco, Mattel, Dove, and many others. I managed a group of creatives, facilitating ideas, mentoring, hiring, reviewing, presenting to clients, integrating with other channels (television, out of home, etc), working with third-party developers, and seeing projects through to completion.

For a more detailed picture, view my LinkedIn profile.


  • Traveling Creative Director
  • Online Creative Consultant
  • Public Speaker
  • Brainstormer
  • Guest Panelist
  • Social Media Expert
  • Human Aggregator
  • Lateral Thinker
  • Next Steps Advocate
  • Internet Addict
  • Best Practices Stenographer
  • Strategic Brainstormer
  • Meme Diver
  • Early Adopter
  • Problem Solver
  • Inspirational Blogger
  • Trend Surfer
  • Idea Generator
  • Feed Reader
  • Visual Communicator
  • Marketing Presenter
  • Viral Adviser
  • Award Winner
  • Creative Strategist



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