The Pheonix and the Underwear: How I Spent (and then Lost) November and December

Standing on the Beach

A lot has happened since October. I went to Florida for a few weeks, and lived in a condo on the Gulf Coast. I went to Disneyworld (with the kids) for the first time and my cynicism towards Disney has abated somewhat. I saw the Space Shuttle Discovery launch from about 15 miles away. I got to brainstorm with clients at the top of the 4-Seasons hotel in downtown Chicago. I flew to Winnipeg via Air Canada on the day their computer systems were down and had to wait in line almost 2 hours to run to the plane to then sit and wait for it to be de-iced. Oh, and they lost all my luggage so I had to buy socks and underwear at the Giant Tiger. My suitcases then arrived 5 hours later.

The Internet Is My Co-PilotI gave a lecture at FITC Road Show Winnipeg on finding inspiration online called 1% – Because 99% of the Internet is S**t. I got to meet and hang out with R Blank, Josh Davis, Erik Natzke, Hoss Gifford, Robert L. Peters, Branden Hall, Derrick Ypenburg, Tim Scollick, and many others at the Kings Head Pub. I spent a few days with House of Doc before their western tour, and showed them how to use Twitter. Because of this I knew when their van broke down, and when they got caught in a blizzard. I accepted a 6 week full-time contract with idea|couture while at the same time prepared for a marathon 8 hour workshop on Exponential Brainstorming at the Rich Media Centre in Toronto. The workshop is finished, I’m wrapping up my contract, I’m finalizing invoices for the year, writing Christmas lists, and shoveling out of the biggest dump of Toronto lake-effect snow in years. Phew.

Oh, and then my 5 month old MacBook computer hard drive committed suicide by crashing the read/write arm into the magnetic platters all night long until every single shred of data was destroyed. I had planned on using Time Machine (Mac backup software) last week to back up all the work I’ve done, but I was a day too late. I shipped my crippled machine to California (during the busiest mailing season) to an Apple approved data recovery centre called DriveSavers. They reconstructed my hard drive in a clean room, but told me that the ‘click of death’ I had heard when I first noticed something was wrong had actually managed to mangle all data. All of it.

I felt like my house had burnt down.

But it was entirely my fault and entirely preventable. There was really nothing to do but accept it and move on. I just have a lot of work to do coming into the new year. I have to reconstruct everything I spent the last 2 months trying to build. But I know it will be better in the long run. And I’ll appreciate it more this time. And I’ll be copying it onto other drives this time (in triplicate).

I miss the pictures I lost the most… all the images of my kids having fun… but they’re in my memory as well. I just can’t print them or share them the same way. As luck would have it, my LAST ACT was emailing my 16 favourite kids images to Dayna to print, so I actually managed to keep 0.5% of these memories alive.

Now I’m just waiting for a new drive and using Dayna’s laptop for a week or so. It’s much like wearing someone else’s underwear: it’s great not being naked, but it still feels very uncomfortable.


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  1. I’m very sorry to hear about your loss. I better back up my computer right now….

    Happy Holidays, Margot

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