LifeFocus™ Card Sets Coming Soon

LifeFocus Card Set
I received some excellent feedback on the last iteration of LifeFocus™ Cards, and decided to simplify things quite a bit. 2 Sans Serif fonts, Trade Gothic and Avenir, are used. Arial bold and Arial Narrow can be used in a pinch with the editable PDF files to follow, just in case you don’t actually have the font. I have removed MUNDANE from the name, and replaced it with a little coloured M logo. I have removed the side-splittingly LOL funny joke about patents and pen’s not included. I have replaced the word ‘NOTES’ with a little plus sign (+). And I have removed the coloured background from the Sidebar of Time. Colour has been introduced, and will relate to the type of set offered. I hope to complete v6 sometime in the next week, but I’m about as reliable as a Microsoft operating system when it comes to launching my own projects.


One Response

  1. Something about this card reminds me of Pacific Avenue in Monopoly. It must be the green coloured bar.

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