An Idiot’s Guide To Best Practices

Strategic PlanningThe ever blunt and provocative Idris Mootee has this to say about best practices and strategy:

“The problem is many strategists are obsessed about yesterday’s competitive advantage (remember best practices are for those who don’t know what their customers’ needs are or have no idea of where the future is going).

There are no best practices. Either GOOD PRACTICES or NEXT PRACTICES.”

Mootee goes on to say the it is the CEO’s responsibility to deliver innovation. It’s time to stop giving lip service, and get your hands dirty. Traditional strategic planning is not the answer, due to these 5 assumptions:

  1. Industries have boundaries
  2. Companies behave rationally
  3. The future is predictable
  4. Open source / open innovation means loss of $
  5. Sustainability and social responsibility are not primary concerns

Safer companies, using strategic planners, defend the status quo and hope for a “future as more of the same but better.” Radical companies see the future as a completely new world, and write the rules as innovate, attacking the status quo. So, are you an Attacker or a Defender? Mootee’s money is on the Attackers.

Read the full post, Why Traditional Strategic Planning Sucks and Best Practices are for Idiots!


2 Responses

  1. gotta share this with a certain financial client I know. they aren’t going to be happy…

  2. We use the term best practices in education. I see some similariteis to the list of 5 things above with education compared to industry.
    1. Students must stay within the boundaries of what we teach, don’t explore on your own because we have to teach to the test.
    2. Students will behave rationally and learn what we teach them. (sometimes)
    3. Students future success is tied to how well teachers teach..I don’t think so.
    4.We need to stick to best practices, new and innovativie ideas about how to teach are too risky.
    5. Measuring whether the students can think is not the key, but making a good grade on the test is.

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