iPhone Demographics and Six Degrees of Separation from the Source

iPhone Demographics

I subscribe to Drew’s Marketing Minute with Google Reader. He posted this nice graphic showing pre-launch demographic research on the iPhone from Solutions Research Group.

I like to find the source of an image or an article, but I also like to give credit to someone that points me in the right direction. It’s just good blogging ettiquite. But when does all of this mutual back-scratching and kudos-giving go too far? Many years ago my friend Scott said he hated blogs because they polluted the internet with search results that just linked to each other, and made it more difficult to find the source of anything. I think he missed the point of blogging, but I also think he had a point of his own. Now when I’m looking for the source I often see how far I have to go to find it. In this case, it felt a bit ridiculous. Watch:

iPhone Buyers Analysis at
There is no box
via Drew’s Marketing Minute
via Trendsspotting
via Design Sojourn
via Darla Mack
via Cellular-News
which mentioned Solutions Research Group, but neglected to provide a link and I still had to Google it to find the original.

Amazing! Six degrees of separation from the source to read about their little study.


7 Responses

  1. you are right, sometimes you find the source too far away. in this case, it was much easier: in the trendsspotting post you can find the direct link in the first sentance, it is only my ethical habit to provide the source but also the link that lead me to it.

  2. Dr. Tally Weiss, you are right that the source was linked to in the trendsspotting post, which was a nice shortcut. I was just following the vias to see how deep the rabbit hole went!

  3. I have to agree with scotts comments but link in images and text are just as important to locate the source regards Pete

    What a great blog you have here

  4. Wow…you were incredibly diligent! And you’re right, when you point to someone or outright “borrow” something from their blog — like you, I always try to give credit where credit is due.

    I assumed, incorrectly, that Taly had created the graphic. Thanks for doing the leg work!


  5. No offense to your friend Scott, but that is a very odd comment. Does he blog?

    I don’t think its about how “deep” the rabbit hole, I see it more as the length of the grape-vine, and how famous Solutions Research Group has become. To me blogs are like conversations, with blog owners and readers talking to each other, and passing the good news on. Blogs have a unique ability to make visible what we used to call “by word of mouth”.

    As you are in advertising I’m sure you see the power and wonders this new “word of mouth” and what it can do for a company via viral marketing! Nothing sells product more than a recommendation, and including your blog Solutions Research Group just had 6. Now just imaging our combined readership reach?

  6. DT, I love your site. The rabbit hole offered up designsojourn- another blog to add to my Google Reader.

    Obviously I don’t share my friend’s views, but I enjoy being challenged to define or hone the purpose of blogging. Or at the very least, the purpose and focus of my own blog.

    I’ll be linking to you soon (from 1%)to post about the trees that draw, and connecting that to a piece I read in boingboing (or was it buzzfeed?) about painting dogs. I read about the painting trees first on webwalker.ca, but you posted my favourite picture of them… so I guess I’ll have to link to everybody. 😉

    Thanks for all the comments. This is the most conversation this blog has seen since the LifeFocus™ cards…

  7. Hi jted,

    no worries! Thanks for that and please keep in touch. Sorry for the delay in my reply cos I lost your url! Got it again.

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