Deformed Ice Cream Bars and Mini-Memes

Tweety Bird

This malformed, mass-produced mutant ice cream bar Mark Frauenfelder photographed for BoingBoing created a mini-meme.

What I love about avid readers is their ability to prop up a new meme, even if it’s only for a day or so. Check out some of the responses and comparisons:

Sponge Bob

Darth Vader

Super Mario

These photos beg so many questions: what is the point of making these ridiculous things? They barely resemble the package. They are absurd in the abstract. I suppose they assume the child will be enticed by the image on the wrapper first, and then just want to bite into that frozen sugar water without further analysis. They’re probably right.

But what amazes me even more is that Mark can take a picture of a silly moment, where he pulls this hilarious abomination out of it’s cocoon, snap a shot of it, upload it to Flickr, post a brief laugh about it on his blog, and this mobilizes a small army of readers to verify and document this phenomenon as it pertains to other characters. Amazing.


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