Mundane LifeFocus™ Cards: Week 10

Week 10 just passed, and if I had been posting my progress all this time (as I so gleefully intended) you would see a serious drop off in seriousness. I firmly believe that if I had made myself more accountable to my legion of loyal viewers (hi mom!), I would have kept up the pace. Week 11 will be more to regroup, refocus, re-evaluate. I will also be celebrating next week by releasing a completely customizable PDF version (where you can enter anything you fancy in dynamic text fields). I have also promised to create an index card version, for people who like to use the Hipster PDA as opposed to the ever popular Accordion-Fold Business Card Format (AFBCF).

Some of my aggregate data is in, and here are a few quick facts about January:

My Happinessness™ rating averaged 3.94, a score of 78.8%.
I drank 174 Cups of water
I flossed 93.55% of the month.
I ate 25 pieces of fruit
My average bedtime was 1:38am
My average waketime was 7:35am
I slept a total of 187h45m, averaging 6hrs/night.

There are many more utterly mundane facts and figures to come, hopefully embedded in beautiful and intricate colour coded charts. How did January and February compare? How will I ever get back onto the horse? Stay tuned. And don’t forget to download and mix your own cards.


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