Advertising Agency Primer

Thank-you to the folks at Campfire for putting together this scathing and humourous take on how an agency works. It was part of a recent presentation at the Consumer 2.0 conference in Toronto. Here’s an excerpt:


One Response

  1. Hey,thanks for the note, Jason, we’ll probably come up with a more thorough piece that puts forward our thinking on how agencies should work. It’s very easy to attack the big existing agencies as they try to adapt to a whole new marketing culture; because a number of them are doing such a lousy job job for their clients.

    It’s obviously much harder to construct what will work in the future. I think one of the reasons smaller more innovative agencies like Naked, the Brooklyn Brothers and even Campfire are able to more quickly adapt to the new digital/engaged culture is we all are very hands on. Nearly everything the smaller agencies do is truly handmade, which is a requirement when you are reengineering huge brand ships at sea.

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