My Happy Valentime

This little piece of watercolour and crayon on canvas was drawn by my daughter today. I am a big, big fan of her work. She’s 4, a jr. K pre-schooler, and the other kids in her class often tell her that she just “scribbles”. I told her to tell them that she’s an artist, who comes from a long line of artists, and that she can create whatever she @#$%ing well pleases. Honestly, if an artist can survive public school they can survive anything.


3 Responses

  1. I would buy that on a t-shirt for my daughter.

    Don’t let the haters get Madeleine down, she rocks.

  2. Hey that’s effin awesome… It has legs and everything, it looks like it’s running to hug every valentinee in it’s path. Hey wait, it’s actually kinda scary…
    I hope your daughter doesn’t let the other kids get her down…

  3. Those who can’t create…criticize. Pffft on them! Madz is extremely talented and smart. The world needs more girls like her 🙂

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