Mundane LifeFocus™ Cards: Week One

Week one was a success. 7 Mundane LifeFocus™ Cards filled out and recorded, and I already feel obligated to continue the path of my new routines. Although some things have been more successful than others.

My ambitious Editorial Calendar plan has completely collapsed, and I will have to regroup on this one to save it. Here is a small synopsis of statistics I have gleaned from a little Excel data:

  • I averaged 6h 17m of sleep every night. I don’t think this is enough to be alert and happy. So I will try to remedy this in the coming weeks. But at least I’m aware of it.
  • I drank 50 cups of water. Normally I’d have had about 5 or 6. So that’s a huge improvement. I’ve discovered that when you drink more water, you don’t drink as many other liquids (like pop or coffee) because you feel full and sated.
  • I scored 100% success on flossing, fruit, and vitamens. Flossing was my easy routine, because it already has been routinized from my last attempt at the MLFC system. But the increase in vitamens, fruit, and even the water, has caused a dramatic decrease in skin blemishes. It has also contributed to feeling more alert and energetic, even in the face of such a poor sleeping record.
  • I did 324 push-ups and 394 sit-ups which impressed me, because I never excercise. I scored an absolute zero however on stretching. I believe stretching is perhaps more important than exercising, so I need to figure out why I’m avoiding it.
  • Exfoliating only missed one day over the weekend when I didn’t shower and the facial wash was hit and miss (I wash my face every day, but this routine involves special products and toners, etc, that I just can’t seem to see the full value in).

That’s it for this week. Now you know why I call them Mundane. Tune in next week when I fuck up my back (Jan 9th) doing push-ups because I’m not stretching enough…


2 Responses

  1. Looks neat! I like the idea of a regular checklist that you can … well, check off daily.

  2. […] was a good trip. A great trip! On J’s MLF Card rating system I would have to declare a 6! The biggest eye opener was that, for sanity sake, it has to be done […]

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