Saddam Hussein Snuff Film

It is Viral Video day according to my Editorial Calendar, and the viral chart topper of the week is the execution of former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. I didn’t want to watch this video, because there are ugly moments in life and death that aren’t worth burning into your memory. I (sort of) understand the gravity of this moment and the historical implications of it all. I might have filmed it too, had I been there. But I’m not much for watching people die in real life. To me that’s a snuff film.

I scrubbed through this video near the end, catching a few frames of Saddam with his neck obviously broken. Some things about this video were shocking, death aside:

  • The environment is medieval. Dark and dingy.
  • Saddam was unnervingly calm, as if drugged.
  • It seemed chaotic at times with people speaking and yelling, and the guy with the phone camera kept moving around. Was it to get a better shot? Was it to avoid being caught taping?

Political and news related video that contains footage that cannot be shown on television makes people want to see it. Also, the controversy over Saddam’s execution, and over the respect (or lack thereof) he was shown during his final moments has created even more interest. Then there are the ‘rubber necking’ curiosity seekers who just have to view it because it’s there. I suggest you read about it and move on to the Gansta Happy Feet Remix.


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  1. Interesting how this has wrong-footed the TV networks. They were in a real quandry about what to show. Also fairly grotesque how many jokers are inserting a static image of Saddam halfway into their videos on You Tube so it gets thumbnailed.

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