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Blog Tag: 5 Things You Might Not Know About Me And Didn’t Even Ask

Vanessa of Fridgebuzz blog-tagged me, which means (according to Jeff Pulver) I must reveal 5 things most people don’t know about me. Here goes:

1) I published an original short story by Carol Shields in a Chapbook called Dropout. It was a compilation of writings from a University of Manitoba creative writing course, and self-published by Rhinocerotic Press on my Mac Classic in 1993. I should really scan the book and add it to my Flickr account.

2. A) I love putting together IKEA furniture. No, seriously. I would consider a full-time job assembling this stuff if there was any money in it. I enjoy finding the anomalies, the mistakes in the instructions. Basically I enjoy assembling prefab anything: from garages to Lego sets.

Basic Dungeons and Dragons box set2. B) The same part of my brain that loves instructions also loves reading complicated rules: Shogun, Magic: the Gathering, Pokemon, Carcassonne, and others. I have about 20 different RPGs, and have read the rules for each of them. I don’t actually play these games, just collect and read them. Each game gives me a specific and tangible feeling or emotion, like a signature. GURPS, MERPS, Palladium, TMNT, D&D, AD&D, Car Wars, Mechanoids, Vampire: The Masquerade, etc.

3) I have been writing a novel for over 10 years, and getting nowhere. I love the title and the characters, but the act of writing is sheer torture. It started out as a stream of consciousness exercise when I was in high-school. At first many of the characters were shallow because I didn’t have the life-experience or perspective to pull them off. As I get older, I think about them often, and wonder if they will emerge soon or continue to haunt me. Stay tuned.

4) I’ve had 2 or 3 lucid dreams and one out of body experience. I have probably read every book published about OOBEs, lucid dreaming, and sleeping disorders. I wanted to study neurology and psychology after high-school to research why humans dream. Instead I went into Arts.

5) I have many names. My birth name is Jason Theodor Wiebe. I dropped my last name in high-school art class, and started signing my work Jason Theodor. I got married in my 20s, took my ex-wife’s name, and called myself Jason Kelly for a few years. I thought it sounded more “Hollywood”. When I was a kid, I created a billionaire super-hero alter-ego named Jason Stryke. So I’ve been AKA Jason Wiebe, Jason Stryke, Jason Kelly, and Jason Theodor. I’ll be sticking with the latter— for now.

I tag Jeff Cressman, Dayna McIsaac, Carol Wiebe, Dave Stubbs, and Collin Douma. You’re it— spread the unknown info.


One Response

  1. Keith McArthur over at com.motion tagged me with the “Things You Didn’t Know About Me Meme”. This variant strain requires 8 Things vs the 5 Things Vanessa from Fridgebuzz.com tagged me with a year ago. So now I have to think if 3 more things to add to this list:

    6 ) I want to live beside the ocean in a house designed in the style of Ray Kappe.

    7 ) I am tenacious. I will not give up until every possible combination of every possible solution is exhausted. I believe there is always a way to fix things. When I say things I mean everything from world hunger to scratchy VCR tapes, from dysfunctional relationships to computer software conflicts.

    8 ) I am addicted to non-fiction audio books, especially anything related to self-improvement, social economics, investing, and management. I have a subscription to Audible.com and pack my iPod with more books than music.

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