Play is Work

I feel like I’ve been perpetually exhaused for a few months now. Not motivated enough to work on my own play, just playing around at work. As always I have 13 or 14 things on the go, and nothing to show for it. However, a few tools have emerged that are allowing me to congeal, collect and colate a few of my ideas in one place. Something may come of this yet. My attempt to write a creative entry every day has not materialized. The first few weeks I was up until 2:00am. I couldn’t keep up. And once I stopped, I felt relieved. This is not a good thing, so I need to tweak my format and my ideals a bit. But enough blah-blah-blah. still needs a lot of work. The tagging mechanism is broken somewhere, and all the links result in errors. It needs to be smartened up a bit and organized and overhauled and perfected, but THAT may have to wait a few years. I should have just bought one URL called and stuffed everything inside that. Instead, I currently have 16 URLs, most of which are dormant or forgotten. **sniff**

The Dead Father at Amazon.comI found some music that I really like today. It’s weird, eclectic acoustic stuff from cold_elf, and it’s great to work to. It’s very original. Makes me want to do more music. I bought myself a MIDI Controller keyboard about a month ago. It’s an M-Audio O2, and it’s nice. It syncs up with GarageBand and I can actually play notes insead of find them. My only complaint is that you can’t use the knobs to control any of GarageBand’s functions. I also decided on a name: The Dead Father. What do you think? It’s based on one of my favourite books of the same title. I’ll post some of The Dead Father on ThereIsNoBox sometime in the far, far distant future.


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