10 Pictures in 10 Minutes

10 Drawings In 10 Minutes

The 10 Ideas in 10 Minutes™ system (more on this soon) is useful when you have a sleeping one-year-old boy in one car seat, and a rambunctious four-year-old girl in another car seat. You are wating for Mommy to pop in and out of the grocery store, but it is the long weekend, and you can see by the over-capacity parking lot that you’re going to be sitting in the hot sun long enough for your daughter to get bored and consequently wake up your son. What to do?

I gave her my Moleskin and a pen and asked her to draw 10 pictures, one every minute. I told her when to stop and draw another one. When she was finished with 10, I took the book back and spent another 10 minutes asking her about what she had drawn and what each object was called. She’s really into spirals right now, as well as bugs and flowers. A few random objects and made-up words made it onto the page as well.

The interesting thing about a child’s drawing or any child’s art for that matter, is their Independence of the Good Opinion of Others as Dr. Wayne Dyer would say. She is only drawing for herself. Beautiful.


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