Better Than Being On Television

A few weeks ago, I bumped into Mike and Amber from the online show Command n. I was watching an episode of Rocket Boom on my laptop in the Queens Quay Starbucks, when they approached my table. They are like mini-celebs to me because they vidcast from Toronto about tech stuff. I told them I watched their show and we talked a bit about the new iPod video. They think Steve Jobs is holding out on us (when isn’t he?), and a real Video iPod will be available sometime in Jan ’06. I tend to believe them. Besides, Apple really likes to beta-test their products by selling them. Anyway, I showed them this really cool thing I read about on LifeHacker. But I’ll let Amber explain the rest. Go to their October archive and check out EPISODE #20. About a minute and fifty seconds into the show, they talk about our encounter. Very cool.


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