10 NaNoWriMo Titles in 10 Minutes

NaNoWriMoI know I’m jumping the gun, but with NaNoWriMo only a few days away, I can barely sleep. I don’t know what I’m going to write a novel about yet, but I do have some ideas on how to generate ideas. I am going to apply my own (soon to be patented) 10 Ideas in 10 Minutes™ technique. Last night I decided to work on possible titles. Here are the results:

  • My Bad Has Gotten Badder and My Good Has Gotten Gooder
  • Fucus
  • Black Plastic Lightning
  • Based on a True Story
  • SUM
  • There Is No Box
  • How To Write an Autobiography (in 30 Days or Less)
  • ⌘Q
  • The Adventures of Ruddyboy Capernicious Geofred
  • I [DO NOT HEART] Whitespace
  • I could always use these as possible chapter titles as well. What would be really messed up is if I brainstormed for 10 minutes before writing every day, coming up with 10 tangents, and the writing for 10 minutes on each tangent and trying to tie the bits together. I could call my novel simply:


Let me know your favourites by leaving a comment. Maybe I’ll set up a quick and free voting thingy in the sidebar for the seven people that read this.


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