American Idiot Apparel

American Idiot It’s not really a secret that I don’t see eye-to-eye with the most powerful man in the world, but after Bill Gates I have a few bones to pick with George W. Bush as well. But the biggest bone I have to pick is with CafePress at the moment. Some of their products just don’t stand up. I bought one of my own Burning Bush T-shirts to wear to the Green Day concert in Barie (just north of Toronto) thinking it would be the perfect demographic to ply my “wears”. But the shirt didn’t come on time. And when it finally did come, I wouldn’t have worn it anyway. It didn’t look any better than an iron-on: you know, those little reversed paper inserts that came in kids magazines in the 80’s that you had to beg your mom to iron onto your favourite white T. Actually, Dayna has a shirt she made using our crappy ink-jet printer and iron-on paper and it looks more professional. I have to find another company to make these shirts.

Preshrunk, the coolest T-shirt blog on the net, has this to say about CafePress:

Sure, setting up a CafePress shop is quick and painless, but they’ve managed to set the bar a bit too low. Besides, the quality of their items is pretty crappy. The iron-on transfers used on their shirts wear quickly and the lack of dark colored shirts is a constant letdown.

I’d have to agree. The safest thing to buy is the stainless steel mug, or the buttons. Anything else seems to fade too easily and the colour is way off. Any alternate suggestions?


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