What I Learned This Week from Podcasts

PodcastingDid you know that…

1. they make disposible digital cameras you can buy for $11 bucks?
2. you can remove the DRM lock from your legal MP3s using an application called jHymn?
3. iTunes doesn’t rank it’s podcasts by how many have been downloaded, but rather by how many clicks the subscription button has received? (get all your friends to click and click and click to move up the ranks!)
4. Harrison Ford signed off on the script to greenlight Indiana Jones 4?
5. the CGI squirrels in Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory were in fact real trained squirrels (which would explain why they looked so fucking real)?
6. you can soften the light in your bedroom without causing a fire by using common parchment paper from your kitchen?
7. you can use iTunes as a media delivery device, including videos and pdfs?
8. Kevin Rose is on, like, EVERY podcast/vidcast?
9. there’s a fascinating documentary being released about a guy who lived with Grizzlies (Grizzly Man), took hundreds of hours of footage, made friends with a fox, and eventually gets torn apart and eaten (with his girlfriend) and they find his ticking watch inside a bear?
10. so far most podcasters are geeks?


One Response

  1. #8 is so true!

    Kevin is becoming the vidcast king which I think will take off as soon as IPTV becomes more available for your mom and dad!

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