Crucified by direct mail

Crucified by direct mail

The pope sent me mail!

This post represents 2 firsts for me: getting an unsolicited letter from a dead person with a crucifix inside (kinda creepy), and moblogging (blogging using my mobile phone). The catholic church wants donations, so they sent me a black box from Pope John Paul II begging me for cash. Included was this pin of a guy nailed to a tree.

I asked our neighbors if they also got a crucifix in the mail. Needless to say I received some strange looks. It’s a nice pin, but I’m not exactly the demographic they’re looking for.

I thought moblogging would be easy, but trying to set it up this weekend was a frustrating experience. Finally I wised up and called Rogers Wireless tech support. Turns out I was using the wrong SMTP server. I connected my Flickr account to my email which is connected to my blog which is connected to my picture phone. Now everything works like Christmas (see how I can bring a story full circle?).


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