Poor Man’s TiVo

MakeZine.com: Free TiVo: Build a Better DVR out of an Old PC

O’Reilly’s Make magazine has an interesting article on how to convert an old PC into a Digital Video Recorder. Here are my thoughts:

1) My friend Pierre should totally try this.
2) It’s the one time I actually wish I wasn’t just a Mac guy. I don’t have any old PCs lying around. Anyone for posting an Apple-friendly version?
3) If anyone is looking for the perfect gift for a true geek, this magazine is on the money.
4) I found this link via Oishi, my secret weapon for popular geek bookmarks.


One Response

  1. Cool! I just happen to have an old PC. But it’s also my only PC. Maybe it’s time to upgrade! Heh heh.

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