WARNING: Mirrors!

D bought a little IKEA bathroom mirror. Inside the package (it’s a mirror, but you still have to put it together) was a paper with a dire warning. I decided to apply my atrophying 10 Ideas in 10 Minutes™ to come up with titles for this wonderful work of paranoid and litigious art:

1) The Deathstar Set My Curtains On Fire!
2) Your Jealous God May Punish You For Shopping at IKEA
3) Only Use with Fire-Retardant Curtains
4) Never Let More Than 2 Beams of Light into Your Bathroom At One Time
5) If You Are Ugly You Will Have Bad Luck
6) Who’s The Firest of Them All?
7) Only Use This Mirror With Venetians
8) Not To Be Confused With Pink Floyd Album Art
9) Objects In Mirror May Burn Your House Down
10) DON’T Let The Sun Shine In

Please post your suggestions in the comments section.


One Response

  1. 11) Even After 7 Years of Bad Luck, Edward Still Had Trouble With Mirrors

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