Labour = Work


D went into early labour last night at around 4:30am. Last Friday some co-workers were asking me how I was going to handle/hand-off all of my jobs when the baby comes. I said we’d probably have another week to work it out, but that you never know, “Baby’s always come at the least convenient time.” That was my joke, but it’s turning out to be true.

I’ve been at my new job for 4 weeks. I managed to negotiate a week off, which is pretty generous considering I haven’t even completed my 3 month probation. However, there are some sticky logistics. Today I am in the office with my daughter (it’s Sunday) scrambling to back-up all my files and fire off a few thousand explanitory, hand-offish emails.

I also had to switch rental vehicles today because the PT Cruiser is just too narrow to accomodate 2 car seats. I haven’t blogged about it yet, but about a month ago D smashed up the car on a major highway. It wasn’t her fault, and she’s fighting the ticket, but it was just another thing to worry about. I’ll get to that later… in a post called “Why I’m Driving a Purple Eggplant”.

Anyway, D is at home right now trying to sleep through some contractions. Some of them are strong, others are weak. They are roughly 7 minutes apart and last between 30 and 60 seconds. Who knows. She could give birth later tonight, or it might be a false alarm (prep work) and the baby will wait a few more days. We’re all hoping for a May Day birth, but in that case I better get my frickin work done and get the hell back home…



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