Happy Birthday!

A big happy birthday to Sebastian Xavier Jakob who was born on May 1st, 2005. His mom did a fantastic job, delivering the baby herself in a warm pool of water in our back sunroom, with the midwives (and myself) assisting.

Back-up midwife Jennifer said the birth could not have been more perfect. Sebastian is 9lbs, and 22 inches long. He has beautiful pouty lips and large slender hands.

Welcome to the world, Baz!


9 Responses

  1. Welcome Baz!

    Great job you guys,
    hey, when you call them in for dinner, and you yell
    will they think it’s stir fry night?

  2. Welcome wee Baz! Looks like you’re a chip of dad’s block 🙂 And the long fingers will come in handy when you start using a keyboard. Praises to mommy Dayna -Sebastian’s bigger than I thought! Glad to read that you were able to have a home birth, and that you’re all doing well. Congrats to everyone and we’re looking forward to Madeleine’s pictures of her new little brother.
    All the best -CDP

  3. Congrats you guys!

  4. Congrats!!!!! What a cutie. We are all so happy for you guys. Nice work both of you.
    Love Elana, Jeff & Ben

  5. congrats J & D!

    I hope the kids like indian food 🙂

  6. Excellent job, lovely peeps. He’s absolutely beautiful. Can’t wait to meet the stir…er, I mean, small fry….Chris has started something here! Love love love to the whole fam-damily. I KNEW Dayna was a star!!

  7. Oh my this is so wonderful. Congratulations to you both!

    And the stir fry thing is brilliant – Ginger with that?

  8. Congrats guys!

    You know I still haven’t seen Mad and now you have Sab!

  9. Congrats guys!

    BAZ Happy one month birhtday!

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