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The Subjective Experience of Time is Accellerated by Deadlines

Back to the Future poster in SpanishI haven’t blogged for over a week. I feel terrible about that. But hey, I’m soooo busy right now… And I have many other excuses too: my wife’s having a baby in about a month, I just started a great new job, and I’ve had to switch computers various times so all my programs, passwords, tools, and preferences keep getting messed up.

Excuses out of the way, I wanted to test a little theory I have: The Subjective Experience of Time is Accellerated by Deadlines. My new kid’s birth is a premium example. He/she has a due date of 05/05/05 (i know, isn’t that cool?) and the time between knowing that deadline and it’s impeding dawn has been whooshingly short. I can feel the time rushing past my cheeks and almost messing up my hair.

A vacation goes by faster when it’s not open-ended. Work weeks tear themselves off the calendar as soon as a project is due. And the closer you are to the deadline, the faster time gets.

I also swear that people wouldn’t age if they didn’t have kids. At least not as dramatically. I wonder if anyone has done a study on this yet. Lack of sleep, constant stooping to pick up the little tykes, running after them, making sure they don’t pull things of the stove or run into traffic, or get their pants on without jamming both legs into the same hole…

Perhaps the only place it doesn’t work is in jail. Perhaps it is inversly proportinal to how badly you want the deadline to come. Christmas certainly doesn’t come faster during the summer, even though you can’t wait for the break. But as soon as you think, “Man, I better get my X-mas shopping done…” BANG! It’s Christmas and your picking up something stupid at the Seven-Eleven because it’s the only store open close to your house.

Shit. I have a lot of work to do. And it’s all due next week. Perhaps I should try to look forward to my meetings and my presentations. Maybe that would give me a bit more time.

What are your theories on time?


One Response

  1. My only theory about time is that since its invented you should also be able to invent a time keeper. Much like a watch but with one special feature you can stop it!

    Einstein actually already laid out the whole thing. Someone just needs to put it together and make it work. Man, I swear these scientist/inventors today are very lazy because of all the technology within their grasp. I say get off your ass and invent!

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