The Dark Side of Blogging

I check my referal stats and my comments regularly throughout the day. I have an RSS reader with a folder called EGO that checks if my name comes up on anyone’s blog. I get very happy and excited when I’m quoted or mentioned by anybody, never mind Blogger’s Biz Stone or Sun’s Claire Giordano. It means somebody is actually reading what I write. All those years of writing pathetic journal entries in highschool (and pretending I had an audience) are finally paying off!

Or are they?

I had 22 comments today, 100% of which were from a f***ing backgammon gambling site.

And because of this article I wrote about outsider artist Henry Darger, 9.03% of all my hits come from search engine queries for “hermaprodites”, followed closely by “nude” at 8.61%, “girls” at 6.93% and “little” at 6.3%. Kinda makes me feel sick.

I debated pulling the article, but it’s already cached with Google, Yahoo and MSN, so it won’t make a difference. Besides, I like what I wrote and I thought it was interesting. But do I want potential pedophiles trolling my site for “nude little girls”? Of course, now that I’ve typed it again, I’ll probably double the unwanted traffic.

And this brings up a contenscious issue that I’ve talked about with other blogging parents: how do you keep your own kids safe? How many pictures do you post of your kids, if any? How do you prevent someone from finding out who you are? What your name is? Where you live? Truth is: it’s very hard.

And where do you draw the line between being paranoid and fearful, and being open and responsible? I don’t have the answer to that. But I sure as hell ain’t posting where my daughter goes to school, or linking to her wicked art site from here.

Welcome to the dark side of blogging. 😦

Coincidentally, on the ride home from dropping my daughter off at school, listened to an interesting story on The Current, a program on CBC Radio:

It’s a subject most of us find too repulsive to even contemplate–child pornography. The images are horrific and disturbing. And for law enforcement officials working to track down child pornographers and the pedophiles who keep them in business, trying to eliminate every one of these images from the internet is like bailing out a flooding ocean liner with a teaspoon.

But next week a tireless group of people will unveil a new weapon in the fight against this scourge. And it’s the product of an unlikely alliance between frustrated cops and some tireless computer geeks from Microsoft.

We’re talking about a program called the “Child Exploitation Tracking System” and it was developed right here in Canada by a special team of police officers working with programmers to build a better child pornographer trap.
listen to a real player audio version of the broadcast


3 Responses

  1. The other dark side is having too much blogs! Like yourself Mr. Jted!

    What’s up with the blogs galore?
    Can you make one holy blog to aggregate all of them?

    Anywho this may just be my stupid observation…

  2. i have far too many blogs. But that was when I was using Blogger, and couldn’t create categories or control comments, etc. Now that I’m using wordpress, I basically use THIS blog for everything at the moment. Most of the other blogs have been shut down and their entries erased: especially the crazy experimental blog I had where I was mixing fact and fiction to write a novel called “Command Q”. Anyway, ‘nuf blogged. I’m sticking to for now. And posting a bit on D’s blogs: and

  3. good to know that i’m looking at the right one 🙂

    keep up the blogging my friend, if you blog it they will come!

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