Another Nail in the Coffin of Traditional Advertising

Get Firefox!Check out The Red Couch’s interview with Firefox’s Blake Ross:

People don’t want to hear you talk about how great your product is, so save your time and money. They want to hear it from their friends, their family, their coworkers and other people actually using the product, and the only way you’re going to make that happen is by building a product that people like to use. We didn’t launch SpreadFirefox until we had that product, and we didn’t know we had that product until the bloggers and others started to tell us.

Other than it’s pitiful ability to deal with the Macromedia Flash plugin on the Macintosh, Firefox is the coolest browser to hit the web since Netscape. All of this was managed with PR as opposed to advertising. And PR on the web now begins with… the bloggers.

Bloggers are the linch-pin between traditional and declining advertising and public relations. A person who understands the blogosphere will eventually rise to the top of a new hybridized industry.


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