iChair + MacinTalk

The name Stephen Hawking evokes awe. He’s got a best seller that’s also been made into a movie. He has his own Simpsons action figure. He’s been a guest hologram on Star Trek TNG. He’s got a [fake] hip-hop album. And he’s the most famous celebrity scientist since Einstein. What have you done lately?

With all these accomplishments under his chair, and all this celebrity, people still jump to his defence. I get mixed reactions to this little iPod parody I cooked up. “That’s soooo mean,” or “You’re going to hell,” are two of the most common reactions.

In 1997 The Onion, a satirical newspaper, ran a story with the headline Stephen Hawking Builds Robotic Exoskeleton. According to the Wikipedia, Hawking wrote The Onion, cursing them for exposing his evil plans for world domination.


I think Hawking can take it. What I really should worry about is getting sued by Apple!


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  1. Funny As hell

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