Preople: The Official Sponsors of EgoSurfing

UPDATE: March 23 — My Prople ranking is now 41 thank you very much. Not that I really care…

I just visited “Preople, a fun goofy site where you can see how you stack up to others on the internet.
Here’s how their very scientific ranking system works in their own words:

We visit a few search engines, search for your name, get the number of times your name is found online and perform a complicated calculation to extract a ranking. We guard this formula with our lives because it is what makes our service, and your ranking, unique. We know you are curious but don’t even ask us to disclose our formula!

Right now I have a personal ranking of 37, which is very bad. This means when Preople searchs for my name, Jason Theodor, they don’t find much. Almost everyone I know has a higher rank than me. I attribute that to the uniqueness of my name, to protect my fragile (and now cranky) ego.


One Response

  1. Blimey, my ranking is 100. Not too good either, but its higher than yours so I thought Id let you know to tease you a bit.


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