Like Sands Through An Hourglass Cursor

I remember signing up for this ‘blog‘ thing many years ago. I read an article about Blogger in SHIFT magazine, and I signed up that very day. I was using it to chronical the pending journey into fatherhood. It was going great, but somewhere I got sidetracked changing diapers and making immunization decisions, and the blog stopped rolling and gathered moss. 2 years worth. And then, a miracle happened. I opened my email one day and there was a letter from Google. They were informing me that since I had paid for a service called Blogger Pro which helped keep Blogger alive during the lean years, and since they had recently bought up Blogger, they wanted to give something back. All I had to do was log back into my old account and they would send me this cool Blogger hoodie (with the less prominant Google logo on the sleeve).

That almost kickstarted me. I still wear the hoodie with pride, even though most people don’t have a clue what it is (“Must be a SK8R logo”). But then they revamped the site, added photoblogging, made everything CascadingStyleSheet based, and hired some pretty decent designers to create blogger templates… And suddenly I’m back in it. The strangest thing is reading these 2 year old entries. They’re weird in and of themselves, but I cannot believe that they survived for that long on the internet. It sort of beautiful and scary at the same time. Most of the little graphics are broken now… but i’ll slowly fix this over time.

This is fun again, isn’t it?


2 Responses

  1. Luckily I saved this Blog as a PDF file many moons ago. I simply cut the pix out of the file, resaved them as gifs, and uploaded them to my new site. Now nothing is missing. Except for the 700 odd days that I didn’t post anything…

  2. wow. cool. i dig the sweatshirt. or hoodie as they say in the… well… hood.

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